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21 Lightweight Jackets That’ll Get You Through Spring

Ah, transitional weather. I’m pretty sure the real term should be what-the-eff-do-I-wear weather: Throughout most of the spring months, temps can vary 20-plus degrees between morning and afternoon, and sunny skies can disappear to make room for a rain storm in three minutes flat—which makes getting dressed for the day especially fun frustrating. And while the obvious answer is to wear layers (and bring an umbrella), it’s not always easy to figure out which style of outerwear will look equally stylish with a chunky knit sweater in early April and also a strapless sundress in late May.

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But remember that not every spring jacket needs to be the typical trench silhouette: Instead, play with styles like fully-lined bombers, a calf-reaching linen version, or a faux-leather jacket that’ll be more lightweight than its non-vegan counterpart. You can layer them under your winter coat until they’re ready to go it alone, and if it gets too warm, we say a good ol’ waist-tie is no longer too juvenile to rock.

To make the transition from winter to spring a little easier, we found 21 jackets to shop now, including a classic trench version, a few parkas, and even a detailed blazer that can double as a spring jacket to add to your wardrobe STAT.

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