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17 of the Coolest, Cutest Korean Beauty Products Inspired By Food

Welp, the Korean beauty world has done it again—it’s completely won us over with a new set of seriously cool, cute, and surprisingly affordable beauty products that we never knew we needed, until now. We already have K-beauty to thank for some of our favorite skin-care and makeup trends, like BB creams, sheet masks, and cushion compacts, as well as some of the stranger, yet equally effective, ones, like snail extract moisturizers and donkey milk masks (hey, don’t knock ’em until you try ’em). And just when we thought we couldn’t be tempted to buy more, we were introduced to the edible-looking, food-inspired corner of the K-beauty market…and we’re obsessed.

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The packaging of these products is so hilariously good and convincing (we’re talking a lip scrub shaped like an avocado and a cleansing foam that legit looks like an egg) that you’re not going to know whether to keep them in your bathroom or your kitchen. But they’re not just for show—each of these products is so chock-full of skin-enhancing food extracts, enzymes, and proteins, that it only makes sense that these brands would want to house their products in the most obvious, this-is-what-I’m-made-of way. Which, for us, results in ridiculously cute products that were pretty much made for Instagram pictures.

And though we know you didn’t need another excuse to re-stock your vanity, trust us when we say these food-inspired K-beauty products—which, by the way, are all under $20—are seriously worth the buy. Click through our favorites below, and have fun attempting to contain your excitement.

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