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7 of the Most Bizarre Beauty Trends of 2017—So Far

It seems like every few months, the beauty world is introduced to a massive amount of new trends that dazzle, surprise, and straight-up horrify. Some of these trends stick around for good, turning into best-selling products with long shelf lives (lookin’ at you, Kardashian-level strobing), while others—ahem, meme makeup—fall off the face of the earth before you can refresh your Insta feed. And 2017 has definitely been no exception. In only three short months, we’ve witnessed a shit-ton of insanely bright trends, some new, some revived from the depths of 2016, and all of which have been, uh, NSFW.

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Unlike the dewy, no-makeup makeup obsession of last year, 2017 has offered us a fun little crop of beauty trends, beginning with M.A.C.’s lollipop lips—a.k.a. the intentionally smudged, just-sucked-on-a-lollipop lipstick look—at London Fashion Week, before careening into the fake freckle movement and the holographic, glitter, and unicorn obsessions that have made their way into vanities across the globe.

While it’s unclear how long these trends will stick around, there’s no denying that there’s something incredibly mesmerizing about them. So to get you in an inspo-worthy mood, we rounded up our favorite alternative beauty trends of 2017 that must see the light of day before they join their predecessors in the abyss that is expired beauty trends. We promise they’re worth the look.

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