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The 13 Prettiest Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palettes for Spring

Alright, we’re calling it: The rose-gold makeup trend is one of the prettiest things to happen to our faces in, um, forever. We’re more than OK with the fact that this shade has completely taken over the world (our world, at least) in the form of pinkish-blonde hair dye, glimmering peach highlighters, and, our personal favorite, eyeshadow palettes. Because seriously, what’s better than a brand-spankin’-new eyeshadow palette filled with square after square of shimmery pink and gold-flecked shades, mixed with warm taupes and matte plum shadows? The answer is nothing.

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But whether you agree or disagree, we’re still forcing a brand-new, perfectly pretty, rose-gold eyeshadow palette onto your life right now. Because this trend isn’t going anywhere, and we like you too much to let you keep using your blah browns and tans for another season. So swipe on the sheerest of light-pink shades, or blend on every stinkin’ color in the palette for the boldest, most dramatic rose-gold look. And to help you find your new BFF, we’ve rounded up our favorite 13 palettes to give you 13 new excuses to add more rose gold to your collection this spring. Because (as we’ve already excessively drilled into your mind) we seriously can’t get enough.

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