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13 Celebs Who Just Got Insanely Long Hair Overnight

Move over, Rapunzel—you’re not the only one who can pull off really, really long hair anymore. Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last six months (hey, we wouldn’t blame you; we’re very, very tired), then you’ve definitely seen more than a few Instagram pics of celebs with hair down to their waists, their butts, and even their ankles (*cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*).

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And though hair reminiscent of a freaking Barbie may not sound totally appealing, you clearly haven’t seen Beyoncé’s butt-length braid, Vanessa Hudgens’ mermaid waves, or Demi Lovato’s Cher-hair. Because if you had, you, too, would want to cancel your next haircut appointment and pray to the hair gods for your hair to grow faster than a Chia pet.

Of course, we know that these celebs don’t have magical powers that make their hair grow overnight, but instead a squad of BFF hairstylists on speed dial, ready and waiting with pounds of extensions. Still, even though you might not have your own team of experts on hand, you can still click through these 13 inspo-worthy photos of our favorite long-haired celebs and be prepared for when the hair gods finally answer your prayers.

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