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Lori Loughlin’s Flipped Bel-Air Mansion Is Worthy of an HGTV Show


SheKnows Editorial

This “full house” is about to be empty (har, har). Lori Loughlin, who plays Rebecca on Full House and Fuller House, is selling the swanky Bel-Air mansion that she owns with her husband Mossimo Giannulli for $35 million.

Loughlin may be known for her role on Full House, but HGTV should consider giving her her own house-flipping show. The couple bought this property in 2015 for $14 million, renovated it completely and more than doubled its value in 2017. They’ve bought and sold similarly impressive properties in Tuscany, Aspen and Bel-Air. I would binge-watch the hell out of a multimillion dollar house-flipping show hosted by Loughlin. The stakes are high enough with a $100,000 profit margin on the line; up that to $21 million and you’ve got some Hunger Games capital-style entertainment.

So, what does a celebrity-renovated $35 million Bel-Air mansion located on a golf course look like? Click to find out.

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