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15 of Emma Watson’s Most Iconic Beauty Moments

Is it just us, or does it seem like Emma Watson was the same sassy 11-year-old in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone just a few years ago? (Sorry, Emma—we’re sure you get that literally every single day). But somehow, a few decades have gone by since then, and in that time, we’ve watched her complete her successful run in the Harry Potter series, attend Brown University, become a feminist icon, and most recently, star as Belle in Disney’s revival of Beauty and the Beast, all while maintaining a ridiculously flawless level of hair and makeup goals.

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Out of all of Emma Watson’s insanely impressive accomplishments, our personal favorites to watch (like, other than her badass advocation for gender equality and her constant work for the UN) have been her epic beauty moments, like her bronze smokey eyes, swarm of intricate braids, and ridiculously dewy skin. But rather than attempting to describe them all to you—because boring—click through our roundup of the best Emma Watson beauty looks, below.

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