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17 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Insanely Pretty Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know how frustrating it can be to see celebrity after celebrity straightening the hell out of their natural curls in favor of stick-straight styles. Like, where’s the curl love? Which is why we’ve been so excited over the recent wave of celebrities who have opted for curls on both the red carpet and on social media, including Halle Berry (uh, still losing it over her Oscars curls), Selena Gomez, and Zendaya. Because unlike most celebrity hair ideas we know we’ll never try on ourselves, these curls are truly inspiring us to ditch all of our hot tools and buy an arsenal of curl-enhancing creams and gels.

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Thankfully, gone are the days of crunchy, over-gelled curls from middle school (hide your yearbook; we won’t tell), because we now have the help of approximately one-million cool, new curl products to *finally* give us the curly hair we never thought possible. And if you’ve still got a death-grip on your flat-iron, you’re about to drop it, because we rounded up the best curl inspo from our favorite 17 celebs who all have insanely gorgeous wavy, curly, and kinky hair. Click through to see the photos, and then get ready to run to the shower and wash out your blowout.

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