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The Spring Nail Polish Trends to Get in On Now

See those wide-leg pants and platform mules we’re all stocking up on right now? Nail polish trends—while also majorly personal—are just as cyclic. Last year, we all vowed to go bare: sheer pinks, nearly undetectable-nudes, the occasional light grey. But this year, that’s (mostly) out the window: “For spring, we’ll see lots of classic neutrals in terms of tonality, but they’ll lean more into dusty colors, grey-greens, and taupes,” said Jaclyn Ferber, creative director at NYC salon tenoverten. “They’re colors that aren’t traditional neutrals but can be neutral because of their ease of wearability.”

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The brand is releasing its own take on neutrals with Madison, Lexington and Park, the latter of which is a mossy, so-ugly-it’s-pretty green that I’m unabashedly obsessed with.

“The impetus behind the new collection is rooting: looking to colors and aesthetics that remind us to stay and feel grounded,” she said. “The colors transcend trend and are tied nature to create a peaceful palate that reminds us to be tuned in to our environment.”

Also bubbling up this spring? ‘70s-inspired hues: Think mustard instead of chartreuse, or burnt sienna in place of a classic red. Chillhouse, a boutique café-come-nail salon opening up this month in NYC’s Lower East Side, is stocking up on brands like Smith & Cult and LVX, the latter of which has embraced the vintage vibe with hues like Sienna, Citrine, and Koko, a true brown—and offering nail art that combines the decade’s biggest colors.

“The ’70s revival in beauty is one we’re definitely adopting through our overall color tones and design silhouettes,” says Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez, who worked with Eda Midori on the designs. We’re all about the muted, earthy tones right now.”

Ahead, the four biggest spring 2017 nail polish trends, and the exact colors to get your hands on now.

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