The Swimsuit Style Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer

In summers past, wearing a one-piece meant you were either a professional swimmer or seriously uncool—there was no in between. But these days, a one-piece swimsuit is a solid fashion move, especially now that designers like Rachel Comey, Araks, Marysia, and Stella McCartney all have iterations that truly rival the bikinis or yore. And as if you need another reason to ditch your triangle bikini, you can even double your one-piece wear by styling it as a makeshift bodysuit: When it gets unbearable levels of hot, just pair it with some high-waist pants or shorts, and you’re good to go. (Trust: When it’s 90 degrees and humid, nobody will even look your way.)

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To celebrate the revival of the retro silhouette, we culled 22 of the best one-piece bathing suits to wear on spring break now and to the beach later. You can official kiss your two-piece bathing suit goodbye—for now.

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.