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These Female-Only Workspaces Are Inspiring a Generation of Women


SheKnows Editorial

If you never thought about office space in feminist terms, get ready to see things in a new light. Answering the call from women entrepreneurs and professionals looking for more from their work environment than mediocre coffee and mansplaining colleagues, women’s-only co-working spaces and professional clubs are popping up around the country.

Most of these spaces are founded on the principal that their members can uniquely benefit from a women’s-only space, where it’s understood and assumed that women want to achieve great things professionally, regardless of their ambitions for their personal lives. Rather than being mired in traditional, typically gender-imbalanced politics of corporate offices, members of these communities are free to thrive on their own terms, crowdsourcing ideas for their businesses in a collaborative manner and assisting other women with their own careers.

Learn more about some of the coolest women’s professional collectives around the country (and gawk at their gorgeous spaces) in the following slides. If you start to feel blue while you’re clicking through because there isn’t a women’s co-working space in your area yet, why not start your own?!

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