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13 Face Mists That Will Give You an Instant Glow

There’s nothing worse (OK, there are many, many worse things, but go with it) than looking in the mirror at noon and seeing that your previously glowing, moisturized skin has somehow dissolved into a pile of flakes and dullness. Like, what do you do? You can’t really slather a thick cream over your foundation and head back to your meeting with a patchy, globbed-up face, but the idea of sitting with tight, Crypt-Keeper skin for another seven hours sounds equally horrible. Which is why we’re so obsessed with the new wave of face mists that don’t just refresh your skin, but actually replenish the moisture you’ve lost throughout the day. Yup.

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While many water-based face mists can actually dry out your skin (the water molecules bind to the moisture in your skin, then evaporate it all away), these face mists are formulated with coconut water, aloe, fruit and nut oils, and antioxidants that help restore your skin’s moisture barrier while giving you a Gigi Hadid-worthy glow. Click through to see our favorites, then promptly buy them all for your purse, your medicine cabinet, your desk, your nightstand, your glove compartment…

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