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The Hair Color Trends That’ll Be Huge for Fall 2017

Some women never experiment with their hair color: It’s not that they were all blessed with the perfect shade of chestnut brown or naturally butterscotch blonde locks, but rather, they’ve never experienced the transformative powers of an on-point dye-job. But no matter if you’re a hair-color veteran or an ombré newbie, know this before you visit the salon this year: Redken’s Global Colorist Justin Isaac thinks flat, single-process color is out.

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“Trends like balayage and babylights will continue to remain popular,” he told us while forecasting the top hair color trends of fall 2017 for us. “But the term ‘hair painting’ will be one to watch.”

Isaac, who says most of his clients look to Instagram and Pinterest rather than the runway for inspiration, predicts that a less-done look is going to hit its peak this year. In colorist speak, that translates to carefully placed highlights and all-over strobing—especially for curly-hair ladies, he said. And while these might mean more time in the chair at first, the color will be low-maintenance, so you can lengthen the time between visits.

“Hair color will be the new makeup,” he said. “With the current climate of the world, hair color is an opportunity for self-expression, so you’ll continue to see vibrant shades—whether it be a full head of rainbow color or a more subtle pastel—grow in popularity.”

Click ahead to see the top trends for fall 2017 in action so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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