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10 Gentle Face Peels That Fade Dark Spots and Wrinkles

Alright, so you’ve probably never used a face peel before, right? Or maybe you tried one once, and it left your skin raw, irritated, and peeling, so you swore them off altogether. But it’s not the face peel’s fault—or, it might be, but it’s probably because you used the wrong formula, or because your skin is super sensitive. And we’ll tell you right now, if your skin is highly, highly sensitive, stay away from peels. They will never be your friend—but if you have somewhat “normal” skin that’s dry, combo, oily, or acne-prone, face peels can be the key to getting brighter, smoother, younger, and pretty damn-near perfect-looking skin.

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Unlike what their name suggests, peels don’t actually form a pull-away film on your face like a mask, and they don’t make your skin peel like a snake, either (well, they shouldn’t, provided you use a gentle formula, which is where we come in). Basically, face peels can be filled with chemical acids (which are super harsh and be reserved for the derms) or fruit acids (totally safe and gentle for at-home use) that lift away dead skin cells and trigger an increase in collagen production and cell turnover. What does that mean for you? Immediately brighter, clearer skin, and, over time, faded dark spots, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and younger-looking skin.

Basically, face peels are life. So to get you started on your first acid-dropping experience that leaves you glowing, not crying, we rounded up our 10 favorite face peels that utilize fruit acids and enzymes to give you the best skin of your life. Just promise to read and follow the instructions really carefully, OK? OK.

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