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13 No-Fuss Hairstyles That Are Shockingly Pretty (and Easy!)

Unless you have a buzz cut or a sincere lack of regard for your hair (in which case we would be highly, highly jealous), you probably have an ongoing battle with your hair. Some days, you roll out of bed, and your hair quite literally looks fantastic, as if someone styled it in the night. And other days—most days—it looks like a snarled mess that can only be wrangled by a boring topknot.

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And we hate that. Because topknots and ponytails are the sweatpants of hairstyles, and nobody (except maybe the Kardashians) has ever felt like a million bucks in a pair of tattered, old sweatpants. Which is where we come in. We rounded up the best of the best hair inspo for no-fuss hairstyles, the kind that literally anybody, even hair newbs, can do without giving up in a pit of frustration. Click through to see our favorites, and then try them out on yourself!

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