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15 Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Endless Inspiration

Over the whole no-makeup-makeup thing? Sick of the same old smokey eye? Feeling generally unenthused with all your makeup palettes lately? We hear you. It’s tough to get inspired when it’s the middle of March and you’re somehow still freezing, but that doesn’t mean your entire beauty routine has to fall by the wayside.

And sure, the red carpet seems like the last place to grab beauty inspiration from when you’re a mere plebian (same), but trust: Most of the looks celebrities wear at press junkets, awards shows, and the like are made to last a long time—like the length-of-nine-Oscars-speeches-long. While we can’t exactly guarantee Jessica Alba’s smokey eye will outlast a superstorm, we can tell you it’ll probably look better smudged. Alba’s look, plus 12 more pretty eye makeup ideas, ahead.

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