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The 13 Best White T-Shirts to Shop Now

Ah, the classic white T-shirt: It is, at once, our most beloved wardrobe standby and the item in our closets that we most dangerously underestimate. You might not research it the way you would, say, a new bag or a pair of on-trend boots—and sure, you might stuff it into your already-overflowing drawer instead of bothering to hang it up—but think about this: No matter how uninspired you might feel while getting ready for work in the morning, a good tee can make an otherwise stale outfit feel fresh and cool again. It’s a universal truth.

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But thanks to the paradox of choice, shopping for the best white T-shirt can be anxiety-inducing, what with all the options and styles and price points and fabrics and—you get it. So in honor of National White Shirt Day, which is not only A Thing, but also is today, we’re culled the 13 best white tees from every price point to shop now. Ahead, an all-cotton crewneck from Gap, a boxy, modern-fit style that proceeds the ALCU, and a $95 tee that some women swear is worth the $$$—and everything in between. Shop them all below.

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