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10 Foundations That Won’t Settle Into Fine Lines

There are few things more frustrating (OK, there are at least a billion things more frustrating than this, but go with it) than spending 30 minutes diligently blending your foundation over your skin, only to watch it cake up and settle into a zillion fine lines around your face—fine lines you’re pretty positive weren’t there an hour ago.


But don’t freak; your skin didn’t turn into crepe paper overnight. In fact, we’re pretty sure you can blame most of your bad-skin problems on your foundation, which is likely way too dry, heavy, and powdery for your skin, giving you that dreaded cakey finish. But instead of swearing off foundation for good, we rounded up the 10 best (no, really) foundations that will not only glide over lines and wrinkles, but also hydrate your skin all day long for a fresh, glow-y finish. Scroll down to meet your new BFF.

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