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8 Vintage-Inspired Pieces That Work in Modern Homes


SheKnows Editorial

Judging by my friends’ Pinterest accounts, it seems like recently everyone is clamoring for vintage pieces. But how exactly are we supposed to work shabby-chic dressers, reclaimed wood dining tables and flea market finds into the modern, minimalist designs that have been so trendy recently?

Expert to the rescue! We asked James Tabb, a designer for Laurel & Wolf, for his best advice when it comes to mixing old with new.

“I love mixing vintage finds with modern decor. It adds so much life to a space. I especially like using pieces that feel like they would have been found in the original design of a historic home, like a vintage-industrial pendant over a dining table,” he says. “Using inexpensive new pieces that have the look and feel of something with an old soul allows you to create a counterpoint to modern furnishings. This makes any space feel a bit more curated, collected and personal.”

Adding some character to your home is always a good idea, and vintage pieces can be your ticket to ridding your house of that furniture catalog copycat look. Let these vintage and vintage-look pieces inspire you the next time you’re thinking of adding some new decor to your home.

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