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The One $$$ Beauty Necessity We’ll Always Splurge On

We’re all for cheap thrills: Sure, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than a budget lipstick that swipes on like a luxury formula, or an under-$10 moisturizer that won’t leave you with an oily T-zone, but we’ve all got our vices—and that doesn’t necessarily mean drinking, smoking, or a nasty nail-biting habit we just can’t shake. (Well, maybe that one.) Our spending habits are under control for the most part—or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves—but there’s always that one thing we always manage to justify forking big-time cash over for.

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We asked our editors to dish about the beauty product they splurge on time and time again. Ahead, the fragrance that our social editor says was well worth just over a Benjamin, the retinol that changed one editor’s life, and the brow-enhancing serum that one SC-er says saved her arches.

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