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The Beauty Tools That Changed Our Lives

Sure, there are the beauty products we use every day: The foundation that makes us glow, a concealer that fools everyone into thinking we got eight hours of sleep, a lipstick that we wouldn’t be caught dead without. But sometimes, the biggest beauty heroes aren’t the fun, showy cosmetics that transform our look in an obvious way. Sometimes, the products that are doubly responsible for keeping us together are the on-the-DL, behind-the-curtain ones.

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In the name of transparency, we polled nine STYLECASTER editors to find out the beauty tools they can’t possibly live without. Sure, we had to call out mainstays like the Beautyblender, and you’re damn right we had to give credit to the eyelash curler we swear by, but there’s also a major over-achiever that you’ll find in the crafts aisle, a blow-dryer attachment that dries even the curliest hair without making it frizz, and a tiny heat tool that makes good hair while traveling a cinch. Our favorites, ahead.

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