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20 Pairs of Chic Metallic Shoes to Wear With Everything

In the winter, it’s easy to turn to the same tired uniform day in and day out: jeans, a sweater, and whatever booties were closest to the front door. And when you’re feeling uninspired, it might feel like it would take an entirely new wardrobe to get out of your sartorial rut. Not so, dear readers. Instead, there’s one item that can turn any old outfit into An Outfit: metallic shoes.

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No, we’re not talking about those ridiculous faux-crystal-encrusted, Dancing With The Stars-esque open-toe heels, nor are we about to convince you holographic anything has a place in 2017. Instead, a pair of silver, gold, or otherwise stannic booties, flats, or even sneakers can be enough of a change to make any outfit feel fresh. And because it’s equal parts futuristic and wearable—metallic is basically a neutral, right?—the trend isn’t dying down any time soon.

Ahead, find 20 so-chic metallic shoes to scoop up now.

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