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30 Chic, Affordable Rugs That’ll Upgrade Any Room

A rug has the potential to be a room’s make-or-break piece. The minute you add one, the space instantly becomes more homey and feels more ready to live in. Choose the wrong one and it can make everything around it look tacky, but choose the right one and it can have an elevating effect on the rest of the furniture, accessories, and even walls.

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However, finding a good-looking rug for a deal can be challenging—a fact that anyone who’s balked at the all-too-common outrageous price tags on rugs is well familiar with. To that end, we’ve rounded up some of the chicest, most affordable rugs on the web—all ringing in under $100. This will free up your budget so you can spend it on other fun things like gallery walls and fancy candles. You’re welcome.

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