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12 Classically Stylish Pea Coats to Wear All Winter Long

In a world where puffer coats and bell-bottoms go from being a stylish cold-weather staple to looking dated and unflattering and back again all in one decade, there are only a few wardrobe pieces that stand the test of time. The pea coat is one of them.

But unlike both bell bottoms and puffers, a pea coat is universally flattering: Originally worn by the Navy and popularized by European sailors nearly three centuries ago, most modern-day styles still boast old-school trademark details like wide, double-breasted lapels, flashy buttons, and slash pockets. These days, they’re best worn with a pair of skinny or straight-leg pants, or even atop a black dress for a fancy evening look—and because they’re easy to layer underneath, they’re great for both super-cold weather and those weird 50-degree winter days (thanks, global warming).

Ahead, we found 12 stylish pea coats at every budget to shop before they’re all sold out. 

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