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21 cool sneakers that the fashion crowd will be wearing ASAP

As far as winter footwear goes, it’s usually a tired rotation of black booties, another pair of black booties, a particularly awful pair of snow boots that clash with everything you wear but get the job done, and maybe a loafer for those few days the temps trickle up into the 40s. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but it’s boring AF. We’re not about to suggest you throw out your fail-safe pair of ankle boots in exchange for sledging through the snow in heels, but we have another suggestion: sneakers. Yes, sneakers in the winter. No, we’re not crazy.

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I took a quick office poll and soon realized I’m in the small camp of folks who don’t retire their sneakers to the back of the closet once winter comes, mostly because socks exist. And with ankle socks gaining in popularity, there’s no excuse not to add them to your rotation. Besides, if the athleisure movement taught you anything, it’s that sneakers are universally appropriate, for the most part. (Maybe don’t wear them to an interview, unless it’s part of An Outfit.) To prove our point, we rounded up 21 cool sneakers—a two-toned pair that was made for minimalists, the new iteration of the throwback all-white sneaker, and a black pair with metal accents that will be everywhere during Fashion Week. Our favorites, ahead.

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