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13 truly amazing overnight face masks that make your skin glow

You know those nights before bed when your face looks kinda dry and blah, or when it’s red and irritated from your latest round of breakouts, or when it just looks straight-up awful for no reason at all, other than the fact that universe clearly hates you? Yeah, we’ve been there. And wouldn’t it be awesome if, while you were sleeping, a magical product could repair your skin, so you could wake up with a dewy, glowing, shockingly pretty complexion? Welp, this product exists, and it ain’t magic—it’s science. Meet overnight masks (sorry; the name isn’t that exciting), the K-beauty product that’s taken up permanent residence on our vanities…and on our faces.

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Overnight masks—commonly referred to as sleeping packs or sleep masks—are a Korean-beauty gem that are sort of a misnomer, since they’re definitely not a mask, but they’re also not quite a traditional lotion. Sleep masks are essentially just lightweight, yet incredibly potent, night “creams” that you slather on your face minutes before bed as the last step of your skin-care routine. Their goal: To form a protective and super-hydrating barrier over your skin, sealing in all of your skin-care ingredients, while infusing their own powerful hydrators and soothers into your skin barrier—all of which translates to a glowier, dewier, and more-baby-faced you when you wake up.

Of course, the results are in the formula, and a crappy sleep mask will do nothing more than moisturize your skin. So to help you get your greatest beauty sleep yet, we found the absolute best overnight masks that will kiss and cuddle your skin to sleep each and every night. Keep reading to find your favorite, and test them out tonight!

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