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11 best hair products that actually work and cost $10 or less

I have naturally curly hair. Growing up, my curls were bouncy, tight and flawless. Somewhere around age 13, I decided straight hair was the way to go and used a flat iron on my poor curls every day. Then when I got to college, I decided to take my deep, dark brown curls to platinum blond. Needless to say, my hair has seen a lot of damage and my once-gorgeous curls are more like fuzzy waves if I don’t use the right products. Although I try to keep the straightening to a minimum these days, I do still color my hair frequently and have tried just about every product out there to see which ones actually work whether I’m wearing my hair curly, straight, brown or blond.

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So, because my hair needs some serious product help and I can’t always afford to stock my bathroom with fancy products, here are 11 affordable hair products I have personally tried and swear actually work.

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