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15 cute hats to top off every single winter Outfit

Last week, I was walking around in Soho, the see-and-be-seen capital of the world, when it hit me: It’s not the boots, or the coat, or even the bag that makes any single winter outfit so damn cool. It’s not even the carefully chosen layers, even though they’re a close second. Turns out, after a careful study of the dozens of bloggers that walked past me standing outside the Zara on Broadway while I people-watched, it’s all in the hat.

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Think about it: A beanie can turn the vibe of a too-stuffy outfit into something that looks laid-back—even insouciant. And a wide-brim hat (not a fedora, because never a fedora) can transform a shleppy, I-just-woke-up-and-ran-out-the-door look into something that’s socially acceptable to wear to Whole Foods. I’m even guilty of wearing mine during the entirety of the workday, halfway because our office is pretty casual, and halfway because it quells a bad hair day quicker than throwing it up into a ponytail. If you’re of a similar mindset (and I’m pretty sure you are) click below to find 15 cute winter hats to shop all season long.

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