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25 perfect outfits to get you through the holiday season

Whatever your opinions on the cultural institution that is “holiday dressing”—the sequins, the velvet, the shimmery silvers and lamé golds you probably won’t wear the other 11 months of the year—its annual arrival is pretty much inevitable in this corner of the world. It’s just up to you whether you embrace it or not.

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How festive do you want to get for your office Christmas party or friends’ holiday dinner? Head-to-toe sparkles paired with sky-high platforms? A cozy cable-knit sweater over dark denim? A tailored red coat as a nod to the season over your usual black-and-white ensemble? As long as it permits for a second helping of hors d’oeuvres and a glass or three of champagne, we say any of the above is fair game.

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So long as the dress code on your invite doesn’t call for an ugly sweater, we’ve got you covered with 25 holiday outfits ripe for the copying from now till New Years Eve (more on that later).


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