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21 cool and cozy pairs of slippers you’ll never want to take off

There are few things in life that would not be improved by a pair of slippers—swimming laps, perhaps, or skiing down a black diamond—but for any indoor activity, the addition of some warm and snuggly footwear vastly increases the chances of total bliss.

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Personally, my slipper collection is fairly extensive, especially considering my apartment is overheated 90 percent of the year—a pair of ridiculous-but-wonderful Ugg fluffy pink mules, beaded, fur-lined moccasins from a Native Canadian reservation near my grandmother’s house, grey Minnetonkas, hand-knit slipper socks, and some Brother Vellies wool babouches that I should probably get resoled so I don’t feel so precious about wearing them outdoors.

I may have to leave my windows open in December for it to be cold enough to actually wear them, but whatever—it’s worth it.

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In the slideshow, shop 21 pairs of transcendently comfy slippers, from fluffy mules to shearling-lined moccasins.


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