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45 Kardashian-approved drugstore beauty products

Obody knows beauty like a Kardashian. The five sisters—Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner—spend so much time in hair and makeup, some of them actually have a room in their house devoted to the cause. Khloé’s glam room is the stuff of legend, and Kylie has called hers “my favorite room in the house.” Yes, that is correct: Kylie would rather be chilling in her glam room than be snuggled up in bed or kicking it in the living room. To be fair, the room sounds sort of like a boudoir, living room, and bathroom all rolled into one, but—keep in mind that she has a lot of rooms to choose from.

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Thing is, most of the makeup jammed into those drawers—or, more likely, neatly organized within them—is not the cheapest. Nor are the hair products they favor, nor the skin care serums and lotions they gravitate toward. But every so often, the Kardashian women divulge their favorite drugstore beauty products, and we are never disappointed. (As an aside, it seems as though Kourtney is too into all-natural and high-end beauty to pay a visit to the drugstore; we didn’t find any bargain product recs from her at all. Most of our pics came from Kim and Khloé, who love talking beauty on their apps.)

First off, they definitely favor certain brands: As we combed the internet, determined to shine a light on all of their top faves, we found products of every stripe, but especially picks from Rimmel, L’Oréal, and Maybelline. We also discovered that the Kardashians definitely like a nude lipstick, which should not come as a surprise; but if you’re in the market for one and would prefer not to break the bank, you’re in luck. Ahead, find 45 beauty products that you can find at the nearest drugstore—all, of course, Kardashian-approved.

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