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21 photos of how real people store their makeup

Here at STYLECASTER, we love a good inspo photo. Whether it’s of an immaculately designed makeup vanity, or an impossibly cute DIY lipstick holder, we’re all about a good staged photo, and we will gladly screenshot it to study for weeks to come. But the thing about staring at “perfect” photos all day is eventually, on some level, you can start to feel a bit inadequate in your own life, digging through your junky makeup bag on top of your makeshift bathroom vanity and feeling, well, blegh.

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So we’re going to do this a little differently, here. Rather than just show you another roundup of Pinterest-worthy makeup vanities that were likely created by a team of interior designers, we sourced our inspiration from the most real of real places: Reddit. Here are 21 photos of how normal human beings organize their makeup, without any of the over-exposed, white-washed (albeit pretty) nonsense you normally see.

Yes, some of the pictures are kinda grainy, and nope, not everything here is catalogue-worthy, but they’re all real and practical ideas for someone who just doesn’t have time to arrange fresh white roses and a splash of gold midi-rings every single morning for aesthetic’s sake. Scroll through to check out our favorite vanities on Reddit, and then get inspired to, you know, keep doing what you’re doing.

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