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15 ultra-pretty ways to wear November’s birthstones

As a November baby, I went a solid 25 years thinking that my birthstone was topaz—end of story. But no! Turns out we also have the option of citrine, a yellow-hued gem that, thanks to its hardness and relative affordability, is featured in an array of gorgeous jewelry. And if double birthstones means twice the possibilities in terms of dainty hoops, sculptural rings, and statement-making ear cuffs, I’m definitely on board.

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Plus, it turns out I’m not the only one who’s gotten confused: citrine has often been mistaken for topaz throughout its history, although they’re technically unrelated species—citrine is the name for yellow varieties of quartz, while topaz is a mineral that’s colorless in its purest form, although it occurs naturally in yellow, amber, pink, blue, and green, among other colors, and is often heat-treated to achieve the desired hue. On the less scientific front, topaz has long been thought to have protective powers, soothing the mind and strengthening the body, thanks in part to the warmth of the classic orange varieties. Citrine, likewise, is associated with intellectual clarity and mental stability—two qualities we’d happily take more of.

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Whether or not you believe in the more new age-y aspects of crystal lore—and indeed, whether or not you have a birthday coming up this month—you’ll find brilliant citrine and topaz pieces to add to your jewelry repertoire in the gallery below, starting at less than $100.


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