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The 10 best beauty products on earth (for real)

There are certain beauty products that are universally adored, that are included in every “10 Best” roundup on every site, in every publication from Makeup Alley to the glossy beauty bibles and everything in between. I have read every single one of those roundups (I don’t sleep, I just use undereye concealer) and I have bought and tried pretty much every single one of the “holy grail” products beloved by beauty editors and bloggers alike. 
I am here to say that only a fraction of these products are actually worth the money. (And by worth the money, I mean worth it for this pale, dark-haired woman who doesn’t have a lot of acne or wrinkles yet—your mileage may vary.)  I recently moved into a smaller apartment and gave 90 percent of my beauty products to my friend Chelsea. These are the things I kept.

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