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Not even rain could stop 600 Corgis from having an epic beach bash

This past Saturday was one of the greatest days of the year for corgis (and corgi lovers) — SoCal Corgi Beach Day. This was the fifth year the incredibly adorable event, which included costume contests and doggie limbo, has been held on Huntington Beach in Southern California, and over 600 corgis were in attendance

Even though it rained, everybody, dog and human alike, had the best time. I mean, who wouldn’t right? It’s cute corgis interacting with other cute corgis on the beach, wearing the most hilarious costumes. If I had been more aware of it, I would’ve rented a corgi just for the occasion. Bonus? Some of the proceeds from the event were donated to Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.  

We gathered the 20 most adorable photos of the event for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome. 

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