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Man Photoshops his goldendoodle into real-life Clifford the Big Red Dog


With a little elbow grease and lots of Photoshop, Christopher Cline perfectly created his journey through life with a life-size man’s best friend, and it’s the greatest thing you will see today.

This special goldendoodle brought Cline happiness just when he needed it the most. Cline was going through a dark time in his life, but Juji was the answer to his problems, inspiring him to lead a clean, healthy and happy life.

Juji is an adorable goldendoodle with an adventurous life. Juji gives new meaning to Clifford the Big Red Dog, perhaps taking over the role and making it her own: Juji the Big Goldendoodle. Check out these hilarious photos of the days in the lives of Juji and Cline.

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