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13 leggings inspired by cult classic movies and shows

There are some characters we love so much we need them off-screen. Sophia Petrillo’s advice starts to creep in to your everyday life, followed by Samantha Jones’ sex tips and Elaine Benes’ dance moves. If you want to leave the couch but keep the cast, there’s a better way — take them with you. On your clothes. Sites that focus on artist-driven merchandise like Etsy, Society6 and Redbubble (not to mention a few larger distributers) are catching on to the fact that fans love entertainment enough to want to wear it all day long. We found 13 of our favorite leggings emblazoned with everything from catchphrases to prints to faces from our favorite TV shows and movies.

First, these argument-ending leggings are perfect for those nights when one of you wants to go out, and the other wants to stay in. You can’t argue with pants that are telling you to Netflix and chill. (Redbubble, $49)

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