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Heartbreak inspires baker’s brilliant photo series

When Brooklyn-based graphic artist Isabella Giancarlo’s relationship ended, in early 2015, she couldn’t stop thinking about what she and her ex said to each other during the break-up. 

“For me, a loss of appetite typically accompanies the end of a relationship so I thought, how could I sweeten words that initially took my appetite away?” she told HuffPost. She came up with the perfect solution: Eat Your Heart Out, a funny photo series that combines break-ups with baking. 

Giancarlo describes the project as “words remembered by heartbreak” and, although it began as something very personal, as word spread many others started sharing their own break-up words. 

“The most common response when people see the photos is ‘oof’ or a smile and cringe,” she said. “You don’t need to understand the intricacies of a relationship to feel the weight of the final words on the pies and cakes. It shows that heartbreak is pretty universal in that it’s not limited by age, race, sex or sexuality.”

If you’d like to see your own break-up story in cake or pie form you can submit it to

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