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Attention, Internet: We now have a grumpier grumpy cat

This is Koyuki. She is a 9-year-old Scottish Fold cat who lives in Yokohama, Japan, with her owner. Her name means “light snow,” she enjoys having water squirted into her mouth, and most important, she looks grumpier than Grumpy Cat. In fact, sometimes she looks downright angry, like she might be plotting world domination. Other times she looks like she’s deeply depressed. The owner says that’s just how her face is and that she’s not actually grumpy, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable/hilarious to think of a cat feeling such intense feelings. If I were Grumpy Cat, I’d watch my back. There’s room for only one disgruntled feline at the top of the Internet pyramid, and I think Koyuki is primed for the job.

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