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19 Incredible Indian wedding photos shot on a smartphone

It’s been a long-time dream of photographer Sephi Bergerson to shoot an Indian wedding using only an iPhone and it came true in November 2015 when he photographed the wedding of Ayushi and Abhishek in Udaipur.

After his experience, Bergerson says “photography will never be the same again.”

“This is as big, or even bigger than the invention of the digital camera,” he wrote on his blog. “In the pocket of your shirt or in the zipper of your bag lurks no less than the most inspiring and innovative imaging system in the history of photography. Under the innocent cover of your iPhone lies a powerful tool that is changing the way we work and think as photographers. For the first time we have a camera, a darkroom and an online research directory in one small device. We can now shoot and process our images in the field, free from the burden of running home to our computers. We can instantly examine what works (and what doesn’t) to make our captures match our vision, as well as share them with our subject on the spot, or upload to the social media channels or your favourite online portfolio. [sic]” 

Bergerson described the task of creating a wedding album using only the iPhone 6 as “fun” but “a challenge,” revealing that taking pictures at night was tricky due to motion blur.

The photographer also shared his “simple” workflow for post processing: “It would usually start with #snapseed where I correct the contrast, colour and highlights. I sometimes also add a vintage filter before moving to #mextures to add the scratches and grit. The next stage, if required, would be face retouching on #facetune. When I export to #instagram I sometimes add another filter there as well.”

Considering ditching your DSLR and exploring the photographic potential of your iPhone? A look at these photographs is all the inspiration you need. 

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