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13 Stunning photos that capture the beauty of freckles

Photographer Brock Elbank spoke to SheKnows about his amazing portrait series, Freckles, which was originally inspired by the son of one of his footballing teammates, who “had this face full of freckles like I’d never seen before.” Photographing the young boy was the start of Elbank’s obsession with searching for the most diverse mix he could find to document freckles. Subjects have travelled to his London studio from all over the world to have their freckles photographed, including Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Norway.

Of his freckled subjects, Elbank said, “most have hated their freckly appearance from an early age, suffered teasing, bullying and verbal abuse. Then many in later life have grown to live with their freckles and even embrace them.”

He also revealed what was behind the Freckles project: “Typically, what draws me to a subject is different, unique, maybe even something that people have a love/hate relationship with. Many freckled people have written to me about their struggles, which has been rather moving. I’ve always loved freckles and I’m in no way on a freckles crusade. I’m simply documenting a diversely rich group of superb-looking human beings, from all walks of life.”

If you’re a freckle-faced beauty and would like to be part of the project (and are able to travel to London at your own expense) you can email a recent colour photograph to

An edit show of Freckles will be exhibited in 2017 in Berlin and Sydney by Michael Reid

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