6 Masturbation Positions That Prove You Don’t Need a Partner to Have a Good Time

In 2014, BuzzFeed conducted a survey that found an estimated at 87 percent of women indulge in masturbation. No big shocker, there — we kinda already knew that most ladies are into the healthy activity, because, well, it’s a damn good time.

And not only is masturbation fun and convenient, it can actually perk up your sex life all around. 

“Women who masturbate are more likely to have orgasms during partnered sex, and we believe that this finding is related to an increase in comfort and knowledge with regard to her body,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., author of The Little Book of Kink. “By experimenting with different positions, you can discover new pathways to orgasm and stave off the sexual ruts that arise due to repetition and monotony.”

To that we say, “Giddy up.” Here are some ways to get creative with your me time.

Originally published January 2014. Updated April 2017.