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The Boldest & Most Surprising Celeb Hair Makeovers of 2019

Nothing quiets the skeptic in us quite like a dramatic hair makeover. In theory, it would be easy to grab a pair of shears or box of dye and swan dive into the unknown, but reality poses a different scenario. Soon enough, we’re plaguing ourselves (or a stylist) with endless questions, asking friends if we’re really making the right decision and already making contingency plans if it doesn’t come out how we’d hoped. In moments like these, we look to celeb hair makeovers to ease our anxiety.

Though we’re sure having a pro-level glam squad on hand is a huge help, there are certain chameleons who constantly inspire us with their unabashed bravery for doing, well, anything to their hair. From big chops to neon dye jobs or combinations of both, rarely is there a shortage of transformations we get to witness and add to our personal Pinterest boards before an anxiety-inducing appointment at the salon. This year, Rowan Blanchard, Iskra Lawrence and Priyanka Chopra are just a few ladies leading the charge. See their stunning befores and afters ahead.


Originally published on StyleCaster.

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