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37 Cute Bralettes to Wear on Valentine’s Day if You Can’t Stand Underwire

Call to mind whatever you think of when you hear the phrase “Valentine’s Day lingerie,” and visions of corsets, underwire and other traditionally hot items will undoubtedly dance in your head. While these pieces are undeniably hot, they also tend to be pretty expensive and generally uncomfortable — a trade-off that’s worth it for the occasional seduction but not really sustainable, which is precisely why I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day by stocking the hell up on cute bralettes.

Before we go any further, it’s worth acknowledging bralettes don’t work for everyone. If you wear anything above a C cup, you’re probably better served by actual structure and actual support — two things bralettes, despite their many strengths, don’t really offer. But if you’re small-chested and ready to indulge in a little underwire-free comfort, I absolutely feel you. The day never really feels done until I’ve unhooked my bra and casually pulled it out of the side of my shirt; there’s something utterly freeing about letting my boobs adopt their natural form and just, you know, take a break for a while. Honestly, there’s something kind of hot about it too.

When my body is at its most comfortable, it’s also at its most relaxed. And I have a hard time feeling sexy unless I’m in a blissed-out, totally comfortable, totally relaxed state. Cute bralettes and other comfy lingerie help me get there. They make me feel more in touch with my body’s natural form and less like the night’s a performance — plus, they come with the added benefit of feeling absolutely cozy and being super-cute. This Valentine’s Day, I’ll be foregoing the silky corsets and structured underwire, both because I don’t like them that much and because I tend to have more fun without them. You should, as always, do you. But if doing you involves loading up on generally budget-friendly, genuinely comfy lingerie options, I’ve got your back.

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.


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