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Crystal-Infused Beauty Is More Popular Than Ever: Here Are the Products Worth Trying

Holistic beauty has gone through its fair share of trends, and unlike its more mainstream counterparts, where it seems only one craze can thrive at a time, multiple eco-conscious ones are coexisting. For instance, while DIY methods and essential oils provide a cost-effective way to go all-natural with our routines, crystal therapy, an understandably pricier beauty route, is also gaining traction. And now, crystal beauty products are hardly in short supply.

Crystal therapy, outside its beauty benefits, has a long history shrouded in both scientific evidence and some mysticism. For instance, it’s safe to say most of us have been told that meditating with a gemstone in our hand or along our chakras — otherwise known as the energy centers throughout the body — will somehow promote healing and balance our physical and emotional selves. But let’s be real; most of us have no idea how it actually works.

“Nearly everything in nature has both an electromagnetic field and a vibration. Vibrations resonate at different speeds. As human beings, we pick up vibrations, as do crystals,” says Holly Harding, integrative nutrition health coach and founder of O’o Hawaii, a new brand that utilizes crystals and gemstones in its formulations. So, based on that finding, it is believed that crystals oscillate and hold their frequencies, as they have a natural ability to power and support energy fields, not only in our subconscious, but our bodies as well.

“The electromagnetic energy from a crystal can transmit to balance, heal and energize the skin as well as promote healing of the mind and body,” adds Harding. So while putting crystals and stones inside a product formula is appealing based on the popularity of crystal healing alone, it also carries actual physical benefits. For instance, Harding says rose quartz crystals help minimize fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

“They also reduce tension, which can in turn relax our facial expressions and lead to fewer lines. This crystal is also associated with blood circulation, self-love, calming and comforting,” she says. And sapphire crystals, historically known for their healing qualities, also have astringent properties, and according to Harding, have high vibrations that help with skin healing, inflammation calming, radiance and rejuvenation.

So, when you’re done studying what stones match up with each chakra and pick up a few to meditate with, get familiar with the brands — both affordable and luxe — that are harnessing the power of crystals and gemstones in their most popular products.

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