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How to Rid Your Hair of Static Cling Under the Winter Hat You Can’t Stop Wearing

When talking about the many beauty-related problems we encounter during a cold-weather season, most of them revolve around our skin. It’s too dry, too chapped or too irritated from a fluctuating routine we can’t seem to stop changing. And while our fashion choices are arguably much easier to take on, one somehow always manages to wonder: How do I get rid of static cling in my hair without completely ditching the hats?

Because the truth is, we can’t. Hats aren’t just for bad hair days, disguising headphones and guarding against ear infections during our commute. They’re the accessory that make us think fashion over function when we want to turn heads. They force us to have fun with little effort. They’re the real MVPs of an otherwise basic wardrobe. In short, they’re an essential. So how do we deal with this static cling glitch?

If you prefer the DIY route, grab an old-fashioned dryer sheet and run it across the crown of your head, similar to how you would run a lint brush over a pair of fuzzy pants. There’s also the option of being more cognizant of your detangling tools. A boar-bristle brush will evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils, thus leading to less frizzy spots and fly-aways. And when you’re in a tight spot, a dollop of the hand lotion in your purse can also temporarily tame your hair; just use a small amount so you’re not left with greasy strands.

And if you’re like us and want to skip the legwork, anti-frizz and humidity-proof hair care products are the shortcut you never knew you needed. Whether they’re sprays, creams or oil serums, these strand-savers are typically formulated with sealants and smoothing ingredients that not only protect a hairstyle from being interrupted by an accessory but deliver a glossy finish too. Ahead are some of the most popular options for both wet and dry styles.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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