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The 15 Most Memorable Suits Worn by Female Celebrities in Fashion History

For the longest time, suits were reserved for men on the red carpet. But over the years, more and more female celebrities, from Rihanna to Meghan Markle, have been stepping out in suits and tuxedos, which brings us to this question: What are the best women’s suits worn by celebrities in fashion history?

To answer this question, we looked back on the most memorable suits worn by famous women. From old-Hollywood actors like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich to modern-day bosses like Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres, there have been some amazing suits worn by famous women in the past century. Of course, we couldn’t choose the best, so we picked our 15 favorites that show the range of how a woman can rock a suit, whether it’s like Kim Kardashian West’s oversize braless look or Janelle Monáe’s tapered and intricate tux.

Clothes are a gender norm, and these stars are here to remind us of that. There’s no one dictating what one should or shouldn’t wear because of someone’s gender, so why should it happen on the red carpet? Maybe one day, we’ll see a sea of celebrities wearing genderless clothes. But until then, we have these 15 beautiful suits to look back on.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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