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19 Chic Winter Gloves to Shop, Because You Know You Need (& Want) Them

As a born-and-bred Southerner who now finds herself in Brooklyn, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing my winter wardrobe. And though I’ve addressed most of my closet’s cold-weather downfalls — I now own a puffy coat, clunky snow boots and a warm winter beanie — I’ve overwhelmingly failed to stock up on one necessity: winter gloves.

Winter gloves are admittedly easier to overlook than these other must-haves. Trench coats can’t hold a candle to puffy coats in a New York City blizzard; snow boots are the only tried-and-true way to prevent spontaneous sidewalk falls; and hats are inevitable if you want your nose and ears to have any hope of surviving the season. But winter gloves masquerade as expendable. You can just stick your hands in your pockets, right?

Sure, if you don’t mind the utter lack of mobility. But what happens when you have groceries to carry? Or a warm coffee to hold? Or an adorable clutch to tote around? We all have entire lives to lead during our pedestrian commutes to offices and gyms and restaurants and homes — lives that we can’t interrupt every time it snows, because honestly, it just snows too much to do that.

The answer to this dilemma lies in winter gloves (ideally, cute winter gloves, because function and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive). With a little help from winter gloves, we can navigate the winter without sacrificing the ability to use our hands. We can hold our groceries and coffees and cute clutches without forcing our fingers to endure frigid temperatures.

Plus, cute winter gloves promise to elevate any outfit, adding a level of chic sophistication that truly cannot be understated. Being able to look glam and stay warm is the absolute best of both worlds; so why are we still apt to overlook this clearly underrated piece of clothing?

This season, I’m leading a campaign to change that. Winter gloves are a gift from the sartorial gods. They’re equal parts practical and cute — and the only real downside is that you’ll have to spend money on them. (But since the ability to stay warm, cozy and active on a winter’s day is invaluable, who really cares, right?)

Ahead, you’ll find a shopping guide to some of the cutest winter gloves on the market right now. Consider this a 19-part argument in favor of cute winter gloves; let these genuinely cute accessories help you stay a little warmer (and look a little chicer) this season.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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