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18 Times Celebrities Elevated the Basic Cat-Eye & Made Us Want to Level Up Too

No makeup looks have endured as many trends as the cat-eye. Though we’re constantly managing a steady stream of new eyeliner and eye shadow styles, mainly from bloggers and vloggers via social media, the flick at the end of the eye has somehow stood the test of time.

Perhaps its versatility is what makes it a longstanding favorite. After all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an outfit, hairstyle or other color product that clashes. And though plenty of us love to complain about how difficult it is to get both wings to actually match, there are a handful of helpful tools making the process nearly foolproof in 2018.

But still, though we’re thankful for its staying power, we’re equally intrigued when it comes to updating and elevating its signature appearance. And who better than celebrities armed with some of the world’s best makeup artists to serve us the inspo needed to level up and finally try something new.

Whether it’s a cat-eye outlined in bold color, jewels at either corner or extended lines atop the inner corners, these A-list-approved styles are worthy of recreation.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.


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