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17 Glitzy Celebrity Glitter Makeup Looks That Embody the Holidays

If red lipstick is the reigning makeup product of choice for the holidays, glitter makeup comes in a very close second. Sure, it can be messy and sometimes difficult to apply, but the end result is usually well worth the work and frustration it took to get there.

Plus, when our day-to-day schedules extend into gift exchanges with friends and gatherings with friends and family, it’s guaranteed a camera will be in close proximity. In short, we want to be impossibly fresh-looking and Instagram-ready for surprise shots and organized group shots.

And though we realize that for some, getting all gussied up isn’t necessary for moments like these, we’re taking a moment to inspire those who feel otherwise and want to literally shine and shimmer. This year in particular has been a notable one for shimmer and glitter makeup, whether it’s Pat McGrath’s deeply-pigmented eye shadow palettes, one of Bite beauty’s astrology-inspired lipsticks or Fenty Beauty’s frosted holiday collection.

Minimalism is just as popular, but now it seems we have more choices than ever. We can keep it low-key and go bold, with plenty of options for both and everything in between. What remains is deciding exactly how to utilize these products, because while glitter and shimmer are standouts on their own, they can be manipulated to create more subtle looks as well.

Per usual, we find ourselves scrolling our Instagram feeds for the celebrity makeup artists who always seem to come up with new and creative ways to execute the type of looks that not only grab everyone’s attention but seem tailor-made for the holiday season too. Ahead are just a handful of moments we’re definitely saving for when we need motivation to get glitzy.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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